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website - are you ready to travel throug

What would you tell your future self?

What important message would you leave for your loved ones?


What do you want to achieve by the year 2050?


With Time Machine you can send yourself or others digital time capsules into the future. 


You can create and send time capsules in a group or alone. Once sent, you can't view the message until the end date.

A countdown constantly reminds you and creates excitement and anticipation.

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create a time capsule.png
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  • Create or upload content

  • Alone or in a group

  • Set title, description, arrival, reminder, visibility, and edit duration.

  • Add friends

  • Select recipients

  • Send or save for later

  • Share with other social medias

Operating System

Thank you! 🙏 We will contact you as soon as the beta starts.

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With Presets you have the possibility to create Time Capsule with special features. You can use a variety of presets alone or in a group. Be creative

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"We want to encourage people to add value to their future and inspire them to create valuable messages by enabling them to transcend the limits of time."


- Jan Emmel (CEO)  

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