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With Time Machine you can send yourself or others digital time capsules into the future. 


You can create and send time capsules in a group or alone. Once sent, you can't view the message until the end date.

A countdown constantly reminds you and creates excitement and anticipation.

  • Create or upload content

  • Alone or in a group

  • Set title, description, arrival, reminder, visibility, and edit duration.

  • Add friends

  • Select recipients

  • Send or save for later

  • Share with other social medias

Operating System

Thank you! 🙏 We will contact you as soon as the beta starts.

time capsule pretes.png

With Presets you have the possibility to create Time Capsule with special features. You can use a variety of presets alone or in a group. Be creative

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"We want to encourage people to add value to their future and inspire them to create valuable messages by enabling them to transcend the limits of time."


- Jan Emmel (CEO)